Patriotic Gifts

Written by Michael Federico
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Patriotic gifts are continuing to grow in popularity. People throughout the country are purchasing items that signify their pride in the United States. Flags fly in front of houses, ribbons are wrapped around trees, and America bracelets adorn the wrists of people of all ages.

Finding patriotic gifts is not very difficult. A number of retailers have started carrying several American items, and there are countless online outlets that specialize in the area. Gifts range from giant banners to tiny snow globes. Some simply display the red, white, and blue of the American flag, while others feature classic American symbols like the bald eagle, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Mt. Rushmore, and the Lincoln and Washington Monuments. Decorative plates that chart America's history through a series of images can be found. There are even chess sets and checker boards that celebrate American.

Patriotic Figurines and Statues

Many people find the image of the bald eagle soaring above the American flag to be quite powerful. This picture has been captured in a number of different statues. The eagle and the flag are intrinsically linked as a symbol of freedom, and artists have combined the two to create statues in wood, alabastrite, and brass. Most works are so well crafted that they can serve as the decorative centerpiece in any type of room.

Porcelain figurines depicting the early days of the United States have become very popular. Some focus on historical figures, while others just create a sense of the times. Figurines of past presidents can also be found.

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