Patriotic Plates

Written by Michael Federico
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There are a number of different collectible plate sets available on the market. Some depict different nature scenes, others are dedicated to aviation, sports, European cities, and just about any other subject a person can think of. Many people simply pick up these plates while they travel, but serious collectors focus on obtaining complete sets, and often the easiest way to achieve this is by searching the Web.

Patriotic plates have become very popular in the last few years. These plates are designed for those who wish to display their pride in the United States. Some designs are simple paintings, while others combine painting and sculpture to create a finished product that is 3-D in scope.

Images on Patriotic Plates

The most common image on patriotic plates is the American flag. However, on most plates, the flag is linked to another American symbol. In many cases, this symbol is the bald eagle. The bird will often be depicted flying across the American skies while the flag flies below or rests in its talons. In many cases, the eagle will be seen soaring over a famous American monument such as Mt. Rushmore.

There are series of patriotic plates that depict famous moments in American history. Paul Revere's ride, Washington crossing the Delaware, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence are just a few of the images that can be found on collector's plates. With each plate, a collector will usually receive information about what is depicted and how the actual plate was crafted.

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