Penguin Figurines

Written by Michael Federico
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It is safe to say that the majority of people who love penguins simply think the bird is cute. Perhaps it is the penguin's distinct waddle that evokes this feeling. Then again, it might be the fact that penguins often look as though they are dressed in formal wear, or maybe people are drawn to them because the birds seem to have so much fun when they are sliding on the ice. There are probably even people who find it endearing that penguins can't fly. Whatever the cause, people spend quite a bit of money on penguin memorabilia each year.

Figurines come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some do their best to replicate the penguin's actual appearance, but most accentuate those traits in penguins that people find appealing. There are figurine sets that have entire penguin families. There are others that come with bases designed to look like ice, allowing a person to stage a full-fledged penguin display.

Penguin Figurines for Christmas

It is not clear when or how penguins became linked with Christmas. They, like reindeer and Santa Claus, do enjoy the cold weather, but other than that there is really no basis for the connection. Nevertheless, penguins have made their way into holiday decorating.

Figurines that function as tree ornaments can be found quite easily. Often in these cases, the penguin will be sporting a Christmas hat of some kind. There are also figurine displays that feature penguins in Christmas towns surrounded by "gingerbread" houses and carrying stacks of presents. Figurines can even be found with penguins riding on sleds and sleighs.

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