Pewter Candle Holders

Written by Michael Federico
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Candles have become an industry unto themselves. There are stores that carry nothing but candles and candle-related products. People who are drawn to the fragrance of candles can find almost anything they want. There are coconut candles, chocolate candles, citrus candles, holiday themed candles, and much more. Consumers who are more interested in the appearance of a candle can also find products in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

Candleholders can serve the very basic function they are designed for, but they can also serve as centerpieces or decorations without ever even holding a candle. Pewter candleholders are extremely popular because they are durable, and they can easily withstand the heat from a candle's flame over a long period of time. Designers also find pewter to be a great material to work with.

Animal Pewter Candleholders

Animals make up some of the most popular pewter candleholder designs. Stores that sell a variety of holders will generally feature dolphin designs with the animals seemingly leaping in an arc over the candles and tiger candle holders with the beast hunting in the grass. Turtle candleholders can be found, as can penguin and duck holders. A series of pewter creations features cats and dogs in various states of play or repose. There are also a number of pewter designs that feature the American bald eagle.

Patriotic candleholders have grown in popularity over the past few years. The bald eagle holders often feature the American flag, as well. There are also pewter designs that recreate great American monuments and famous American buildings.

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