Picnic Gift Baskets

Written by Sarah Provost
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Gift baskets are fun to make and fun to receive. If you use a picnic basket, your theme is already there for you. Choose your contents to make either an elegant or a rustic picnic basket. If your basket is big enough, you can do rustic on one side and elegant on the other.

A rustic picnic basket begins with the traditional red-and-white checked cloth. Put in some paper plates and napkins, perhaps with a red bandanna print, and some plastic cups and utensils. A thermos bottle is a good addition. If it's going to be delivered promptly, add bread, cold cuts, potato salad and cupcakes.

Elegant picnic baskets are perfect for venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Tanglewood or the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Start with a white cloth and napkins, of course, and candles. If you visit a restaurant supply store, you can find inexpensive but lovely white plastic plates and real utensils. They also have plastic wine glasses, which are useful if the venue doesn't allow glass on the premises.

Stocking the Elegant Picnic Basket

Start with a bottle of wine or champagne, or sparkling cider if the venue doesn't allow alcohol. Add some brie, pate or smoked salmon, along with a baguette. Put in a thermos and a pound of good coffee, and finish with a small box of fine chocolates and perhaps a flask of brandy. For an extra-special gift, add tickets to a performance, and an offer of babysitting if needed.

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