Poesy Rings

Written by Serena Berger
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Most of the time when a ring is mentioned by Shakespeare, it's a poesy ring. The obvious explanation for this is that poesy rings rose to prominence during the Renaissance, which is the era from which Shakespeare was drawing his then-modern references. But the Bard was also on to something a little more timeless--poesy rings are incredibly lovely, and for true lovers everywhere, they are the epitome of sweetness and romance.

Romantic Vintage Poesy Rings

Poesy rings typically feature a short verse of poetry, a line from the Bible, or a romantic sentiment. Because poesy rings were equally popular in England, France, and Italy, many of the modern replicas of poesy rings feature sentiments inscribed in French, Italian, or Latin, as well as English. Some couples like this because even though the text is visible to others, most people cannot translate it automatically, so it's still like a little secret for them.

If you want English text, however, there are no shortage of options. Some are English translations of text on otherwise vintage replica rings from other countries, and some are contemporary poesy designs that feature modern text. For example, you could get a poesy ring that says "Inspiration," or "Wish upon a star."

Some poesy rings are engraved only on the inside. These are popular not just for lovers, but for people who want a personal reminder of an important message or commitment. For example, people who belong to AA often want to have something with them at all times with the reminder "One day at a time," but they don't necessarily want anyone who sees it to know that they're in AA. An engraved ring in the poesy tradition can be a gift to yourself, or a present from someone who supports you in your admirable endeavor.

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