Porcelain Birds

Written by Michael Federico
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Porcelain figurines can be found in thousands of homes across the United States. Most people who own figurines have only a few to display on tables or mantles somewhere in their houses. However, there are avid porcelain collectors out there who own complete sets of figurines and have them exhibited in cases designed specifically for that purpose. Whether a person is a serious collector or he is simply looking for a gift to give, he can find a wide variety of figurines online or in specialty stores.

Birds are extremely common subjects for porcelain creations. Hawks can be found guarding their nests, doves are depicted holding the olive branch in their beaks, and falcons can be seen soaring across a porcelain sky. There are figurines that truly capture the natural appearance of the birds while others look almost as though they were taken from images in a child's storybook.

Porcelain Penguins and Eagles

Penguins and eagles share very little in common. However, these two birds top the lists of most figurine collectors. Porcelain penguins can add a bit of humor to a bird figurine set. Their distinct waddle is often captured perfectly and many items portray the birds at play, sliding across the ice. Penguins wearing various items of winter clothing are also common figurines.

Eagle figurines are generally quite austere in appearance. Many craftsmen do their best to capture the predatory nature of the bird, pitting it against its prey or even against another eagle. There are also several American bald eagle porcelain collections that are patriotic in design, displaying the American flag prominently alongside the eagle.

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