Porcelain Unicorns

Written by Michael Federico
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The unicorn has come to symbolize many things in modern culture. It is seen by a lot of people to represent innocence and purity. This image has been bolstered by movies and books featuring the mythical creatures. Others see the unicorn as a symbol of all things that are unique or special. The unicorn's horn, discussed heavily in works like The Glass Menagerie, causes it to stand out from the horses that surround it. Still, others view the unicorn as an illustration of magic, as it is believed to possess a variety of powers.

People who are fascinated by unicorns or those who simply think they look interesting can find a wide range of porcelain figurines. Many place the unicorn amidst green grass or a densely wooded forest. There are also items that put the unicorns amongst the stars, and of course there are unicorns that stand alone.

Porcelain Unicorn Sets

Most people first come into contact with an image of a unicorn when they are young. In fact, the belief that the creatures truly exist is popular among kids. This has led to the creation of porcelain unicorn collectibles aimed specifically at children.

Design elements are not very different for children's figurines than those used in pieces for adults. However, most children's products use at least some color. Also, the horn of the unicorn is generally rounded instead of pointed, so the animal does not look threatening in any way, and so the figurine is not dangerous. There are also sets for kids that feature baby unicorns.

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