Primal Elements Soaps

Written by Amy Hall
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Primal Elements soaps are handmade aromatherapy soaps that are created with only the finest ingredients. Oftentimes, dedicated customers have a tough time choosing between the various scents, which just gives them good reason to buy a few at a time. All Primal Elements soaps are made from pure essential oils, natural botanicals, and pure vegetable glycerin.

In addition, these soaps are never tested on animals, and they do not contain any animal ingredients. You can increase the staying power of the fragrance by not exposing your soap to unnecessary heat. When you lather up with this aromatherapeutic soap, you can bet that you will emerge from the shower feeling more relaxed than when you went in. Primal Elements soaps have had that effect on people since their inception in 1993.

Indulge with Primal Elements Soaps

These soaps come in a whirlwind of colors and fragrances. Novelty soaps include the oversized spiral lollipops, that have fragrance swirled throughout each bar. The three day weekend soap comes in red, white, and blue, and has the most invigorating aroma, with a heady mixture of lavender, vanilla, citrus, lilac, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, and patchouli. Bath time can be the perfect opportunity to indulge yourself in the aromatic delights of these hand-poured soaps.

Other wonderful soaps include the mermaid soap, which has a mermaid in the bar, with scents of fresh citrus and flowers. Yellow and orange grapefruit has that invigorating tart citrus scent that can get you going in the morning. Other scents include lavender, lemongrass, clementine, gardenia, and fig to name just a few. Each regular-size soap should last between seven and 10 days in the bath or shower.

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