Purple Accessories

Written by Serena Berger
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Purple accessories can be incredibly versatile, and are sure to be a daily source of happiness for anyone who loves purple. Hair accessories, purses and bags, jewelry, scarves, and shoes and socks can all make the difference between a good outfit and a great fashion statement. Whether you want to coordinate with a distinctive purple suit or dress, or you want to accent a simpler black or gray outfit with a dramatic accessory, you should be able to find purple accessories that will perfect your look.

In fact, purple accessories are often most striking when you wear them with sophisticated neutrals. A long purple scarf looped around your neck and blowing in the wind when you're wearing a slim fitting long navy coat is the height of elegance. Dangling amethyst chandelier earrings with a black dress are all you need to make you the most stunningly attired woman at a cocktail party, and are sure to guarantee that your date is thinking about exactly what you hope a good date will be thinking about.

Fun and Playful Purple Accessories

If you want to have some fun with your clothes, you can also accomplish that with accessories in purple hues. Purple knee socks can be quirky or sexy, depending on how you wear them. Purple stockings, in an opaque nylon or fishnet, can be an indication that you're up for adventure and that you know your own mind, in fashion and otherwise.

You can also have a lot of fun with purple hats. From a playful take on noir with a purple fedora to a purple baseball cap to wear on a ponytail day, a purple hat can make you feel great and look it, too. A purple knit cap can keep you warm on a winter day, and a lavender wool or corduroy cap can be versatile enough to wear when you're going to work on a cool day or to a sporting event when you're going to be sitting outside for a few hours.

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