Purple Clothes

Written by Serena Berger
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Purple clothes in different styles can be appropriate for women of all ages. From a baby who displays an affinity for purple and is clothed in a pretty purple dress or comfortable jumper to a grandmother who attends Red Hat Society teas, many of the most vibrant, confident, fun-loving, and creative women in the world make purple clothes their own. You're lucky in a season when purple is popular with designers, but the rest of the time, it may take a little effort to track down the purple attire you want.

Purple isn't generally one of the most popular colors in clothing, perhaps because many people don't think they look good in purple, or they don't know what to pair it with. Purples aren't just bright amethyst or violet, though--there are a number of more versatile and easily wearable purples that you can enjoy. Lavender, lilac, and plum don't sound as intimidating as purple for clothing, right? Those are sophisticated colors that any woman can wear, and can be equally striking with neutrals like black or camel, or with a variety of greens and blues.

Finding and Wearing Purple Clothes

If you are looking for more vibrant purple clothes, you might want to take advantage of a specialty shop online. You still don't have to look like a grape, but you can find a long royal purple skirt in swirling layers of chiffon, for example, and wear it with a simple white shirt if you like, or with a dramatic black shirt with a boat neck, bell sleeves and ruffles if you like the modern urban gypsy look. Add a pair of amethyst chandelier earrings or a long strand of beads around your neck, and you'll have a stunning and unique look that other women will envy.

If you're still afraid of purple dresses, skirts, pants or suits, but really want to wear your favorite color, don't forget about all the possibilities for purple accessories. A long purple silk scarf can look great around your neck, around your waist with a simple dress, or tying your hair when you go out for a walk. A purple bag, hat or coat can be worn every day, and you don't even have to worry about whether it strictly matches any outfit.

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