Purple Decor

Written by Serena Berger
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Purple decor can bring little touches of your favorite color into your home in many ways. If you don't want to paint a room purple, get violet wall-to-wall carpet, or live with a bedroom set that looks like a vat of grape candy was spilled on it, you can play with purple in many ways that aren't quite so overwhelming. From lighting fixtures to kitchenware, you can accent your design scheme with purple decor that's easy to live with and doesn't have to be the only color in your interior design palette.

Purple Decor in the Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen is a great place to start if you love purple and want to have more of it in your home. Purple dishes could be a real pick-me-up in the morning when you're getting ready for work, or at night when you're having dinner after a long day. If you're the only one in the house who's really crazy about purple, you could buy a single place setting (which won't be very expensive at all) and use it as a treat for yourself.

If others share your affinity for purple (or at least don't mind it), you can also get matching dining accessories in purple. Everything from your salt and pepper shaker to your butter dish can be coordinated with a purple dishware. If you like tea, you might get yourself a purple tea pot and a pair of mugs or cups and saucers.

You can get extremely inexpensive purple dishware if you want to opt for microwave-safe plastic or porcelain. You're likely to be able to find bold monochrome or simple glazed patterns, and single place setting available where you can mix and match the pieces that you want. If you're going to spend a little bit more on your purple decor, you could consider fine china that incorporates purple in its pattern, perhaps in delicate flowers or fleurs-de-lis.

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