Purple Handbags

Written by Serena Berger
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Purple handbags have made a major showing on the runway and in stores starting in the fall of 2004. After the past few years when orange and green have had a higher profile, it was about time for the third (and in some people's opinions, the best!) of the secondary colors to get some attention. Designers have worked purple into their collections in all sorts of fabrics and styles, as well as lots of different hues, so it's easier than ever to find something that you like that will also work into your wardrobe nicely.

Purple Handbags for Evening or Everyday

For an everyday bag, most women like a slightly larger bag that can fit whatever they need to carry to work, both for the office and to enjoy during the commute. If the rest of your wardrobe is fairly sedate and you have a black coat or a denim jacket, you might be able to get away with one of the more eye-catching purple handbags that are out now. Several great designers are offering leather and suede bags in lovely shades of violet and amethyst, in simple styles, or the trendier bowling or medicine bag designs.

For an evening bag where anything goes, you can incorporate purple in any number of charming, playful, or sophisticated ways. Fabrics like satin and brocade are often quite dramatic, and combine rich purples with gold, silver, or black. For a fabulous Sex and the City kind of feel, look for wild accents with feathers, tassels, chains, or beads.

For a casual purse, there are also wonderfully affordable and attractive purple handbags. There's no shame in browsing designer replicas, especially if you want something fun to wear with just one or two outfits. You can also have fun with jelly purses or a new trend like the purses which look like Chinese takeout cartons. Purple can be sophisticated and refined, or it can be cheery and playful; the purse designs in purple make the most of both of these vibes.

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