Purple Lamps

Written by Serena Berger
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You can find purple lamps suited to almost any decorative style. From something simple and utilitarian to light your work space or kitchen to something sophisticated and elegant to enhance your living room even when it's not lit, lamps are often not the first thing we think about when decorating, but as a finishing touch, they're essential, and they give you a great opportunity to express your style. You may want to consider floor lamps, hanging lamps, and table lamps before you decide on exactly what's right for you and your space.

Purple Lamps for Studies or Dorm Rooms

Desk lamps are often the best type of lighting for a dorm room or home office space. If you want concentrated light to work or read while someone else wants less light to watch TV or even to sleep, a desk lamp is the way to go. And because they often define and light personal space, desk lamps are a great little way to show your personality. You should be able to find small and reasonably priced purple lamps for your work space online or at a trendy home design store.

There are also a variety of floor lamps that can incorporate purple into your lighting fixtures. You might want to put a very simple floor lamp with three independently focused bulbs into your bedroom or study. It can be effective in lighting the whole room when you have all three bulbs on, but you can also aim one directly at your desk for extra light when you need to work, or turn just one bulb on facing away from you if you want a little illumination but don't need maximum brightness.

Some purple lamps are genuine works of art. Many modern furniture designers experiment with floor lamps, lots of which look a great deal like abstract metal trees. If you find one with purple shades, it can be like you have a flowering silver and purple tree in your living room or bedroom--it can be quite romantic, as well as a dramatic conversation piece.

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