Purple Leather Products

Written by Serena Berger
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Purple leather products can be quite a variety of fabulous accessories. This is one area in which quality makes a really big difference and you probably don't want to look to cut too many corners. The quality of leather and suede is really obvious in the softness and texture, and the dyes and coloring process used to make upscale purple leather products will be far superior to those used on lesser quality products.

Quality Purple Leather Products

Handbags, shoulder bags, and purses are extremely popular purple leather products. Some of the best companies are also making coordinating accessories for their bags, like cell phone protectors or matching wallets. If you want a bag that you're going to be able to use every day--whether that means taking it to work, out shopping, or on vacation--it's especially nice to have these added attributes.

If you want a smaller purse, you might like something with a decidedly Western influence. Fringe can be a lot of fun and makes for a playful added decoration to a bag. You can also look for purple leather bags with attractive chunky buckles, embroidery, or contrast stitching, which is particularly hot this season.

In addition to handbags, you can find purple leather and suede shoes, and you might be able to find hats, vests, or coats, as well. Lavender suede and leather are particularly versatile, as lavender can function almost like a neutral. It looks equally good with black, gray, brown, navy, and creams--so if you have a lavender leather bag, shoes, or a coat, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can wear it.

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