Purple Rugs

Written by Serena Berger
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Purple rugs can accent or complete interior design schemes in many different styles. From the playful to the sophisticated, you can find area rugs in all shades of purple, and many different sizes. Whether you're decorating your home for the first time, or you want to change and revitalize a room in a relatively inexpensive way, purple rugs are a great option, especially if you want to feel a vibrant sense of spirituality, confidence, and creativity in your living space, as different shades of purple are said to help bring out those qualities.

A paler purple like lavender or lilac doesn't even require that the rest of the room be furnished in a matching color. Dusty pale purples are very versatile colors, just like grays and blues. In fact, you can get a large rug with lavender and gray, camel, cream, black, blue, or brown tones in it as well, and it will be an elegant and essentially neutral part of your interior design.

A smaller throw rug can liven up a room and tie in multiple colors that you've used elsewhere. A pretty circular rug could have a floral pattern that includes purple tones as well as greens, blues, pinks, or yellows. You can also get abstract patterns in purple rugs that finish off your interior design with sophistication and flare.

Fun Purple Rugs

If you want your purple rug to command instant attention, however, you can get a fun, soft, playful shag carpet. Put a vibrant jewel tone purple shag carpet in your den for your kids to play on, or put one near a fireplace for a cozy fireside picnic site. If you want to capture a retro feel, a shag carpet, a lava lamp, maybe a beaded curtain, and some 70s tunes will take you back--bellbottoms and platform shoes strictly optional!

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