Radio Flyer Wagon

Written by Scott Martin
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Do you remember having a Radio Flyer wagon as a child or do you just dream of having one for your child? Well now there is an updated model of this classic wagon that is sure to meet your needs. I have found this Radio Flyer wagon to be designed better than ever, and my children adore it too.

When I take my daughter to the park, the Radio Flyer wagon is a must. I can pull her and one of her friends in this two seat wagon. In addition, the new long handle means it is easier than ever to pull her since I do not need to stoop down.

She enjoys riding in the Radio Flyer wagon because she feels safe and secure. It's new no-tip design means she has never fallen out of the wagon, and I as her mother do not have to fear. Furthermore, this wagon has shock absorbers! The rider is as smooth as can be.

Added Benefits of the Radio Flyer Wagon

Not only is the wagon fun, but it is also useful. There is a storage compartment underneath that allows for extra carrying capacity. When you are done with your Radio Flyer wagon, simply fold the handle under and put it away. Finding the wagon is just as as easy as looking online.

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