Real Estate Closing Gifts

Written by Sarah Provost
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A gift basket to celebrate the closing on a new house is a very thoughtful idea. While traditional fruit baskets and the like are always welcome, a themed basket might make a more lasting impression. Here are a few ideas to help you put together a memorable gift.

"Home Sweet Home" Basket

This is an easy one--just fill a basket with all kinds of sweets! Cookies, brownies, fudge, hard candies and chocolates never go unappreciated. You might want to add a sweetly scented candle, or one shaped like a Hershey's kiss. An unexpected touch would be to tuck in bottles of the sweet spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg.

To make a "Home is Where the Heart Is" basket, begin with a heart-shaped basket and fill it with whatever you can find in heart shapes. Cookies, of course, are a good place to start. Heart-shaped candles, chocolate-covered marshmallow hearts, a heart-shaped mold for the kitchen, and heart-shaped soaps are all easy to find. Be sure to wrap the candles and soaps in several layers of plastic wrap if you're putting them in with food items.

The first night in a new home is a very special time. Fill a basket with items for a romantic celebration, such as a bottle of champagne and two flutes, bubble bath, candles and chocolates. A lovely finishing touch would be to attach two charms to the bow: a heart and a key.

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