Retirement Gift Ideas

Written by Carolyn Larson
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If somebody you know is approaching retirement, you are probably looking for a gift that will be remembered. Retirement only happens once in a lifetime, and if somebody has worked so hard for so long, they deserve to be honored. Present them with a keepsake gift to commemorate their years of hard work and express your thanks.

Special Words at Retirement

People are often at a loss of words during special occasions. Yet it's at these times that expressing sentiment is most important. One unique gift idea to give thanks for hard work, inspiration, and leadership is a message in a bottle. It's appropriate for anybody you work with or for friends and relatives who are approaching their golden years.

Printed in a fancy font on parchment-like paper, these scrolls have faux-burnt borders. They look as old as time itself and as classic as the messages printed on them. Add your choice of a decorative glass bottle and your message will be complete.

Wall plaques and poetry are two other ways you can express your thoughts and feelings at somebody's retirement. Whether it's for a favorite boss, close colleague, or a relative, help them celebrate this special time in their lives as they begin a new adventure. If you don't have your own words, you can choose from special verses that have been chosen for certain occasions, or pick a favorite poem or quotation.

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