Retirement Gifts

Written by Carolyn Larson
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When colleagues, bosses, or relatives leave work, express your thanks and show how much you'll miss them with unique retirement gifts. It's a time we all look forward to in our lives--not the growing older part, but the part about freedom and finally not having to work to earn a living anymore. Thank your retiring friends for years of friendship and hard work and share your envy as they head to the golf course each day instead of to the office.

If the recipient has done any planning, he or she has probably cultivated some hobbies to pursue during retirement. A gift that relates to this is entirely appropriate. A keepsake gift of photos or a collage or different memorabilia will surely be well-received. Or, you could give a timeless gift like a message in a bottle and express your thoughts in a custom scroll and your choice of Italian or Spanish glass bottles.

More Timeless Gifts

Retirement used to mean a gift of a gold watch. Today not many people stay in the same company long enough to earn such an award. Many of them already have their own gold watches anyway. Still, it is honorable to receive a gift commemorating your time at your job. Whether you're CEO or the mailroom guy, putting in years of service deserves to be rewarded.

You can present retirement gifts to friends any time it's appropriate. Their last days of work, their retirement parties, or retirement dinners thrown by office staff are all great occasions to present your gifts. Special packaging or careful wrapping add to the allure of your gift as well.

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