Romantic Gifts

Written by Carolyn Larson
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Who doesn't love receiving romantic gifts? Everybody likes to feel important. This year, show your spouse or partner how much you treasure them with a gift that will last. Flowers may come and go, but your gift will last a lifetime. A piece of art commemorating your love is just one example.

A message in a bottle also makes a joyful surprise. It's different from the usual bouquet of red roses and chocolates. Plus, you get to express yourself on a greeting card that will not be thrown away with the kitchen trash. It's small enough to be given in a restaurant or other public place, but big enough to add a splash of color or decoration to your home.

Serenading to Rekindle the Romance

Another idea for a romantic gift is composing your own song or love poem and then serenading your love. A gift doesn't need to be expensive to make a lasting impression. Well, if you're not Casanova and you can't sing, maybe you're better off buying a present instead. You know your partner well enough to judge how he or she will receive such a present!

Men can be difficult to buy for and sometimes women get tired of the same old teddy bears and gold earrings. This anniversary, do something romantic. Make a fool of yourself to remind your partner just how much you're willing to do for him or her. What could be more romantic?

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