Rustic Wall Clocks

Written by Michael Federico
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There are a number of wall clock designs that reflect styles that were popular from the 1800s to the mid 1900s. This time period saw its own shifts in style, and different parts of the world popularized different types of clocks. However, there is a look and feel to these older units that does not exist in most contemporary timepieces.

Many companies have begun to carry rustic clock replicas. This means that a person can get an item that appears to be an antique without paying astronomical prices. These clocks can be made of fiberboard, antiqued brass, or even aged steel. Some are Swiss-made and some are constructed in the United States. Most rustic clocks are built on a large scale. Roman numerals on the face are several inches high, and often there is a separate second hand clock on the clock face that is larger than many modern clocks.

Finding Rustic Wall Clocks

Many companies claim to have a large inventory of rustic style wall clocks. Some of them do have clocks that resemble those of the past. However, clocks that are not finished and distressed properly will never actually look like antiques. If a person truly wants a clock that looks as though it came from a different era, he needs to go through a company that carries pieces that have been "aged."

It is not too difficult to find near-perfect replicas of old wall clocks. The style is growing more popular throughout the country. People have realized that an old styled clock can give a room a very distinct feel. There are some models that look like they were pulled from a small European shop, while others look like they would have rested in an American cabin during the California gold rush.

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