Schooner Models

Written by Michael Federico
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There are a number of people throughout the world who are drawn to the sea. In most cases, these people do not actually take up a life of sailing, though. Instead, they collect items that are somehow connected to the ocean. There are ships in bottles, pirate ship replicas, lighthouse figurines, and much more. It is even possible to recreate some of the most famous nautical battles in history through the use of models, figurines, and statues.

The classic schooner is one of the most popular model ships on the market. It has a look that instantly leads people to think of large crews working sails and breathing in the fresh saltwater air. The construction of the schooner model requires patience and acute attention to detail. Every piece has its place, and every rigging line must be set up properly for the ship to obtain the proper look.

Pre-made Schooner Models

There are many people who love model ships but who simply do not have the time, will, or skill to put them together. These people are in luck, because there are several model schooners that can be ordered already put together. These pieces are still highly detailed and realistic, so the collector can display them proudly without being responsible for any gluing or finishing.

There are schooner collectibles of all sizes. Some are just a few inches in length and height, while others stretch out well over a foot with sails that extend just as high. The larger models usually come with a base or some kind of display that will allow them to stand upright.

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