Silver Wedding Bands

Written by Serena Berger
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The diamond industry and famous Beverly Hills jewelers would like you to believe that money is a key attribute in romance. If you're getting engaged, you have to give the woman you love the most expensive ring that you can possibly afford so that she knows you really want to be with her. It doesn't hurt that all her friends, co-workers, and random people on the street also know that you thought she was worth two month's salary, and that you must be an aerospace engineer with a side business as a movie star.

Many of us, however, fight the onslaught of advertising and come to the conclusion that there's no need for a wedding ring or engagement ring to be any more ornate than you can afford without being reduced to eating nothing but Ramen noodles for a couple of years, or any flashier than you personally want it to be. While the high end of luxury jewelry is turning more and more to platinum and titanium, many jewelers quietly continue to use silver to make beautiful, versatile, and meaningful rings. These include, though by no means are they limited to, lovely wedding bands.

Sterling Silver Wedding Bands

One of the most popular styles of silver wedding bands is poesy rings. They are mentioned countless times in Shakespeare's plays as tokens of affection, and were a European standard for many years. If you exchange poesy rings, you are sure to be asked the significance of the engraving, and people will think they're just as romantic as a large diamond--perhaps more so because they're so obviously personal.

You can also find sterling silver Celtic designs. Claddagh rings, as well as endless Celtic knots are popular designs for wedding rings which are both lovely and affordable. And whatever ring you get, you should consider having the inside engraved with something that you choose--that's as important as the design of the ring no matter which you choose.

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