Specialty Gift Baskets

Written by Sarah Provost
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Want to find a special gift for a special person? Consider a specialty gift basket that suits his or her individual preferences. You can find a basket to suit just about anyone simply by browsing the Internet.

Do you know a man who dotes on his Dalmatian? Is the way to your girlfriend's heart guarded by her cat? Does your daughter carry her best friend with her wherever she goes? I'll bet they'd be delighted with a pet gift basket. Baskets can be created with treats, toys, dishes, personalized tags and stylish collars for either canine or feline friends.

For the gourmet among your friends, how about a basket filled with several varieties of olive oil, spices, herbs and seasonings, and a few small shallow dishes for dipping bread? Perhaps they'd like a collection of condiments, relishes, pickles, olives and other embellishments to an entree. An ethnic basket, filled with foodstuffs for a specific cuisine, would also be appreciated.

Build Your Own Specialty Basket

There are also sites online that allow you to build your own basket. Choose your container, then browse among all the items they offer, picking and choosing to suit your needs. So if, for instance, your brother is an avid fisherman who loves mysteries and has a raging sweet tooth, you can choose a fishing creel, tuck in a new mystery novel and fill the rest of the space with cookies and candy.

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