Sports Gift Baskets

Written by Sarah Provost
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Sports fans run the gamut from those out on the ice playing hockey to those on the couch clinking ice cubes. Fortunately, their love of sports makes it easy to find appropriate gifts, no matter which type they are. Several online sites carry gift baskets especially designed for the sports fanatic in your life.

For the couch potatoes, offer a basket full of the kind of snacks adored by sports fans everywhere. Popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, crackers and cheese, smoked meats, chips and dips are very popular among sports spectators. Non-food items might include can insulators to keep their beverages cold, blooper videos, or a slammer, a plush critter that expresses vivid sentiments when slammed to the floor after a bobbled double play.

More active participants might enjoy a basket themed around their favorite sport. Golf, baseball, basketball, bowling, soccer and almost any other sport can be commemorated with cookies shaped and decorated like game equipment, such as a soccer ball, tennis racket or lacrosse stick. Actual equipment, such as tees, sweatbands, bowling gloves and the like might also be included.

More Gifts for Sports Fans

Other possible gifts for sports fans are caps, tee shirts and mouse pads emblazoned with the logo of their favorite team. A calendar with pictures of famous ballparks is one of my favorite gifts to give. I've also seen little cozies for remotes with sports insignias. Now what fan wouldn't be delighted with that?

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