Sun Catchers

Written by Norene Anderson
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There is nothing that adds brilliance to a room like sun catchers. They do exactly what their name implies. The sunlight is caught and thrown across the room in every direction. The different colored hues are scattered out in brilliance that will add glimmer to every corner. You can shower your room with the beauty of the rainbow every day when you fill your windows with these fabulous glass ornaments.

You can get many colors and designs. The beauty of stained-glass windows can be found in every possible theme and style. You can get designs of fish, flowers, butterflies, Victorian, religious, and many, many other choices. The stained glass is brilliantly clear and reflects the delicate work of preparing and finishing the pieces of glass with intricate detail.

Let Sun Catchers Brighten Up Your Home

What is the theme of your home? Whatever it is, you can find sun catchers to enhance that theme with the use of streams of sunlight flowing into your home. What better way to start the day than to open the window shades or curtains and be greeted by the brilliant shimmer of color that is tossed across your room? The beauty can be breath taking and adds atmosphere and charm to an otherwise plain and unadorned room. Showering sprays of color from the sun is an affordable way to liven up any decor.

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