Swarovski Crystals

Written by Serena Berger
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Swarovski crystals have been world famous for over a hundred years. It can be a little confusing when you first start finding out about crystals to understand where Swarovski's fit into the mix or why they're so popular. They are man-made stones, which is typically not a positive attribute in the realm of crystals used for healing or spiritual/magical properties, and which some people think automatically diminishes their use or appeal in fine jewelry. However, a fine Swarovski crystal is a beautiful thing to behold, and perhaps it should be evaluated independently as a versatile object of beauty that has a place in jewelry, design, and decoration.

The Attributes of Swarovski Crystals

Man-made crystals vary greatly based on the materials and methods used to create them. Swarovski's crystals are universally regarded as the best cut and polished of all synthetic stones. It is their brilliance that distinguishes them most of all, but the Swarovski brand also creates unique coatings and polishes that are unmatched by any competitors.

Swarovski makes their crystals from a combination of quartz sand and natural materials, which are fired to a molten state and then cooled slowly. The lack of inclusions in stones made by their process is the first reason for their brilliance. Optical instruments and lasers allow for precision in cutting that perfectly enhances the internally flawless crystals.

Special coatings can be added to the outer surface of the crystal to change the way it looks. If you are interested in Swarovski crystals, you should take a look at a stone with the Aurora Borealis coating, which is one of their most stunning creations. This permanent effect makes the crystal give off rainbows when lit which are significantly more brilliant than those given off by other prisms and clear crystals.

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