Tea Light Candle Holders

Written by Michael Federico
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Candleholders can be found in almost any design. There are lions, dolphins, bald eagles, golfers, wizards, tulips, and many more designs available. These are available in pewter, ceramic, porcelain, silver, and even gold. Most of the holders feature glass cups for tea lights, but some can hold votive candles, as well.

Some of the most popular candleholders portray figures that are closely linked to fire or light. Dragon candleholders can be found at countless stores. The flame from the tea light candle flickers as though the dragon is breathing fire. Others can hold enough candles to make it look like the dragon is wreathed in flame when all of the candles are lit. Lighthouse candleholders are also very popular. When the tea light is lit, the top of the lighthouse glows just as it would in real life.

Detailed Tea Light Candleholders

For those who love candles, the candleholder is often as important as the scent and the amount of light the candle gives off. It is possible to find well-crafted, detailed candleholders that can make beautiful centerpieces even when they are not lit. The work that goes into creating many of these works rivals that of the work put into creating full-scale works of art.

Tea light candles burn fast, but they can create a warm glow in a room. This is why many people choose tea light holders over votive holders. The variety of products available on the market means that prices will vary greatly. Items can be found for under $20 or over $200 depending on the materials used, the design, and the size of the holder.

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