Thank You Gift Baskets

Written by Sarah Provost
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To my mind, the practice of giving thank-you gifts is one of the hallmarks of civilization. Whether you're thanking a client for his business or a friend for a favor, the thank-you gift creates good feelings. It also makes it more likely that business and favors will continue!

A thank-you gift can be as simple as some homemade cupcakes or as impressive as the most spectacular gift basket. Sending a thank-you gift not only makes the recipient feel good, but gives you pleasure as well. Years ago, a friend of mine pointed out an advertisement for a teaching job at a nearby college. I applied, and got the job. She's British and loves her tea, and she's Sagittarian and loves purple. I sent her a porcelain teacup with purple flowers on it, along with a selection of teas. She still mentions it now and then, and I still get a warm feeling.

Corporate Thank-you Gifts

Corporate gifts can range from a huge gourmet basket expressing appreciation from one company to another to a basket of muffins to thank your office staff for great work on a recent project. Send a thank-you gift basket to your agent when she gets you a great contract. Send a little something to your assistant for working weekends. Send a token of your appreciation to a colleague who has shared resources or helped you out of a tight spot.

We all were taught when we were two to say "thank you." Unfortunately, many of us forget our manners all too often. Whether you want to thank your lawyer for his or her help with complex negotiations or your neighbor for watering your plants while you were away, it's a good impulse. Follow it.

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