The Thymes

Written by Amy Hall
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The Thymes makes some of the most aromatic bath and body products, as well as home cleaning products. The Thymes story began in 1982, when founder Leslie Ross Lentz decided that it is the small details that make a home so appealing. She also believes that smell is our most intense sense, and therefore the aromas around us play a big role in how we think and feel.

The Thymes chooses to use essential oils over synthetic fragrances, and vegetable oils over petroleum, as this allows the chemists in the lab to produce true scents that are pure and delightful. The body creams are rich in moisturizers, and the fragrances include: fresh basil, fig leaf and cassis, eucalyptus, ginger milk, green tea, lavender, and olive leaf, to name a few. When you open a bottle of body lotion, bath salts, or perfume, you cannot help but feel instantly invigorated, as the aromas are both fresh and pure.

For house cleaning products, The Thymes also believes that scent is important. There is no need to use harsh chemicals that have overpowering medicinal odors. You can purchase dish soap, ironing water, countertop cleanser and a host of others in wonderful fragrances that will leave your home smelling fresh and clean. Mandarin-coriander and cedarwood-mint are two incredible fragrances that are found in the home collection.

Keeping with The Thymes

All of the products that are created from The Thymes line of bath and body products or home cleaning products are not tested on animals. When you feel like treating yourself to some aromatherapy, nothing beats the products from The Thymes. You can order the products you want online, through specialty shops that carry this wonderfully fragrant line.

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