Toasting Goblets

Written by Serena Berger
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Toasting goblets are a lovely wedding tradition that hails from several European countries. Germany, Scandinavia, and several Eastern European countries, in particular, have a number of formal traditions associated with toasting at weddings. Each of these countries has its own name for the tradition; the English word "toasting" comes from an ancient religious ritual in which a cup was passed around a gathering with a piece of sweetened toast floating on top. After all guests drank from the cup, the host would eat the piece of toast.

Traditional Toasting Goblets

Toasting goblets for weddings emerged in Germany. If you are adhering to the strictest form of the tradition, you will actually have only one goblet for the couple. The idea is that the bride and groom can drink at the same time from the same cup, and on every anniversary, they are supposed to drink from the same goblet for good luck.

It's fairly difficult to find authentic toasting goblets from the Germanic tradition, but many couples still want to have a special glass for their wedding toast. They may or may not opt to have a single glass. Some couples have a pair of chalices instead, and drink from them with their arms intertwined.

People often search for their ideal wedding goblets at a store which offers fine pewter and crystal items. Fantasy stores, in particular, frequently stock elaborate goblets with pewter bases and glass cups, in designs evocative of the age of chivalry. Bases which interlock or form a heart when they are standing next to each other have become quite popular, as have goblets with engraved pewter bases.

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