Tooth Fairy Pillow

Written by Amy Hall
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A tooth fairy pillow can be a wonderful gift idea for any child that is of the age where missing teeth are commonplace. As an adult, it is easy to recall the memories of putting your tooth under your pillow and trying to fall asleep in anticipation of the impending arrival of the tooth fairy. To children, the tooth fairy represents all that is magical and fun, so a tooth fairy pillow can add to that excitement.

In addition, the tooth fairy pillow makes it much easier for parents to have access to the tooth without waking up their sleeping child. No longer do you have to tiptoe into your child's bedroom and gingerly reach under the pillow in search of the famous lost tooth. If you have ever had to do this, you know just how nerve-wracking it can be. Getting caught would destroy your child's dreams of the existence of the magical tooth fairy.

A Tooth Fairy Pillow--How Clever

A tooth fairy pillow is not too large, and it should be able to rest against a chair or your child's pillow for easy access. There is typically a pocket on the tooth fairy pillow that allows your child to place his or her tooth in, and when the fairy arrives, she'll simply take the tooth in exchange for a treat. As parents know, this treat usually comes in the form of money.

We are only allowed to be children once, and therefore this time should be as magical as possible. As parents, you can indulge your children in some whimsical fun by providing them with their own tooth fairy pillow. When the time rolls around for lost teeth, your children will go to bed at night filled with excitement and anticipation, and you can rest easily knowing you can replace the tooth with a treat without getting caught.

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