Top Ten Gifts

Written by Beth Marlin Lichter
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Unsure about whether the gift you have chosen, will ultimately be exchanged for something else? It would be wise to engage in a little research regarding the recipient’s lifestyle, interests and current inventory of gadgets and do-hickeys. A little bit of discreet snooping can yield surprising results. You never would have known that co-worker Bob was into kite-flying, if you hadn’t peeked at the array of photos propped on the side of his desk. Now you know just what to get him for his retirement party!
There is however, a select group of items, big sellers that make it onto the top ten wish list for any occasion.

1. Digital Cameras: These ubiquitous purse and pocket-friendly compact cameras are available in all price ranges and degrees of complexity. The technology is so evolved that these little point-and-shoot marvels have transformed the way consumers feel about taking pictures. It’s easy to take a great photo, view it immediately, delete the unwanted and upload onto a computer for at-home printing.

2. Fragrance: Perfume is big business, appealing to both men and women. Packaged beautifully, certain scents are must-haves. An ordinary moment becomes elevated the moment a splash of rose water or the hot new designer eau de toilette is applied to the wrist.

3. Gift Cards: When at a loss for what to get, gift cards are certain to please. The options are endless. For a teenager into music, digital music gift cards will be used up in a snap. Gourmet foods, clothing, electronics, beauty products and toys…why not give a gift card, and with it, the freedom of choice.

4. Satellite Radio For Home or Car: Endless music selections 24/7 without commercials. Now come on, doesn’t that sound great?

5. Sleepwear: Everyone sleeps, or at least, lounges. Birthdays and Winter holidays provide the perfect opportunity for giving a new pair of flannel pajamas,or a lovely nightgown. These are comfort items which quickly become favorite articles of clothing, engendering relaxation and peaceful sleep.

6. Photo Printers: Kiss trips to the camera shop goodbye, along with large printing costs. Anyone with small children knows how quickly the costs of film and developing add up. Home photo printing is easy and fun and instantaneous. Just buy some paper, stock up on ink and press a few buttons. What a gift!

7. Portable Grills: Grill hotdogs while tailgating during Superbowl Sunday or skewers of shrimp on a tiny patio. Super popular!

8. iPODS: Give a kid his first iPOD and you rock his world!

9. Books: We still love them, even though so much can be downloaded. They are tactile, alluring, engaging. They teach us, entertain us, and stretch the brain. They are both luxuries and necessities and they make great gifts.

10. Spa Treatments: The ultimate gift that says, “Rejuvenate, relax and be pampered” is a joy to give and a joy to receive. Some people love facials and others, deep tissue massage. Pedicures and herbal wraps, steam rooms and whirlpools…a few hours at the spa turn an afternoon into a mini-vacation.

Now get out there and practice the art of giving!

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