Totem Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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Totem jewelry allows you to keep a personal symbol close, as a source of power or healing. The tradition of totems dates back to many of the earliest civilizations, and emerged separately in very different parts of the world. Clearly, there is something profound in the human psyche that is able to identify with animals, and some people develop a sense throughout their lives that there is one animal in particular with which they have a connection. Different spiritual systems ascribe specific means to these animals, which you can learn if you want to; but for some people, the relationship and association are so personal that they trust their own perception of what it means. They may even prefer to leave it mysterious, enjoying a vague psychic tingle and a sense that they draw power or strength from something greater.

Finding Your Personal Totem Jewelry

Totem jewelry doesn't just feature animals, though much of it does. For some people, other parts of the natural world serve as totems--the moon or stars, for example, or a tree or flower. Still others would call a religious, mythical, or spiritual symbol a totem. A pentagram, Om symbol, Eye of Horus, or perhaps an Egyptian cartouche might give them a sense of connection to a greater force in the world around them.

Totem jewelry doesn't have to be something that was blessed or consecrated by a spiritual leader. It doesn't have to be anything that a spiritual leader approves of, or even that any one else knows about. It can be any piece that features the animal or symbol that makes you feel empowered and protected.

If you are interested in some of the more conventional associations with animal totems, you might be curious about the animals that humans are most likely to be able to get to know personally. It's all well and good to know that a lynx is supposed to be a totem of secret keeping, but you're probably never going to meet one.

Domestic cats are commonly thought to represent independence, curiosity, survival, intuition, and magic. Dogs are symbols of loyalty, unconditional love, protection, and service. Horses are thought to keep you safe, particularly in your journeys and struggles. Turtles are symbols of the earth as a mother, and help you tap into your nurturing spirit and love for the natural world. Snakes are thought to facilitate rebirth. There is no question that people who love these animals and keep them as pets respect these qualities, if only subliminally; those who wear their totems may strive to be more consciously aware of their powers.

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