True Sleeper

Written by Scott Martin
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If you know someone who has trouble sleeping at night, consider giving the gift of the True Sleeper mattress topper. No matter what kind of mattress the person owns, it can be transformed into the most comfortable bed in the world with the True Sleeper. Best of all, it is completely affordable, and the rest it gives is priceless.

Why the True Sleeper Works

One of the reasons that the True Sleeper is so revolutionary is its NASA technology. With visco-elastic memory foam that has been used by astronauts, this space-age technology allows the foam to contour to your body. This means you get the combination of total firmness and total comfort.

For years, I had tossed and turned each night in bed. My back hurt from old injuries, and I would wake up each morning feeling nearly worse than I did the night before. When I received the True Sleeper as a gift, things began to change.

Now, I sleep straight through the night, on my visco-elastic True Sleeper mattress topper. I didn't have to replace my existing bed, and enjoy total comfort each night. Look online today and purchase the True Sleeper mattress topper for someone you know, and wish them sweet dreams each night.

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