Ultimate Chopper

Written by Scott Martin
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Why not help your favorite chef replace their bulky and pricey appliances with the Ultimate Chopper? With the Ultimate Chopper, you get four machines in one! You can even choose your settings in order to make nearly anything.

Dice your vegetables, or make salsa in seconds with the Ultimate Chopper. You can use the machine to replace your food processor, standing mixer, and ice cream maker. You can even grind coffee with it!

What Makes the Ultimate Chopper Unique

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could make a host of culinary surprises in a matter of seconds? With the Ultimate Chopper, three pulses take your ingredients from raw to perfection. You can make quick snacks or complete meals, depending on your ambition alone.

The Ultimate Chopper even comes with a free recipe guide, to start you on your way. Stop paying extra for shredded cheese or minced herbs. You can grate your own cheese or mince your own herbs with the Ultimate Chopper.

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