Unique Birthday Gifts

Written by Carolyn Larson
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Over the years, you might have seen some pretty off the wall gifts that are too bizarre to be appropriate. You can make your gift stand out without showing bad taste. There's a fine line between tawdry gifts and those that are funny and different. To avoid this situation completely, opt instead for something that you really put a lot of thought into, rather than risking offense.

Future, Past and Presents

Did you know you could have a star named for your friend? You can also purchase meteorites. For something truly out of this world, buy your friend a gift of an acre of the moon. It is distinctive without being outrageous. The present itself includes title deeds, a guide to help you identify your acre, a moon map and freeze dried ice cream just like the astronauts eat.

Celebrate somebody's years here on Earth by delving into the past. You can get copies of certain newspapers or magazines from the day your friend was born, showing the headlines of history being made at the time of his or her birth. Hunt around antiques stores for nostalgic wares like old advertisements, signs, comics or other retro items. They can either be from the same year the person was born or from that decade.

There is another original way to tell somebody how you feel about him or her on a special occasion like a birthday. A message in a bottle is the perfect way to share a romantic message or just show you care about the person. Never mind dropping it into the ocean; the company who makes them will send them right to your recipient.

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