Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Written by Serena Berger
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Giving unique bridesmaid gifts is a lovely thought that sets you apart as a bride and a friend. Although your wedding is supposed to be your special day first and foremost, it is a happy day for the people who love you and share it with you, too. Your wedding party, in particular, has probably been there every step of the way planning, talking about decorations and screening band CDs, comforting you if the groom does something clueless like getting a cummerbund when you really wanted him to get a vest, and reminding you that you don't have to let your mother tell you what to wear.

Clearly, you want to give these woman a gift to thank them, but since they were really excited about your wedding, too, you should try to give them a gift that ties in to the nuptial event. Perhaps, if your bridesmaids are all wearing lavender, you could get them all matching lavender earrings that they can wear at the wedding and afterward. You could also consider getting particularly lovely arrangements of purple silk flowers which they could use to decorate their homes for years to come.

Unique Bridesmaid Gifts for Unique Women

If you're having a large wedding, you might have a number of bridesmaids, and these could be women with very different personalities and tastes. You may be looking for a gift for your own sister, your husband's sister, and several of your friends--they're no more likely all to like the same gift as they are to like the same dress. Of course, many brides now encourage their bridesmaids to wear different dresses for that very reason, and those same brides might take the time to get unique bridesmaid gifts, too.

Jewelry is one of the most common gifts to bridesmaids, because it's reasonably safe to assume that all women will like it. Even if you wanted to tie the gifts in to the wedding somehow, like the aforementioned amethysts if they bridesmaids are all wearing something in a purple hue, you could still vary the gifts according to the style of each girl. Someone might get a delicate pair of earrings with tiny amethysts in a flower pattern, while someone else might like a long strand of purple amethyst beads to loop around her neck. Unique bridesmaid gifts could be totally different for each member of the wedding party, or coordinated in some clever way, despite each being distinctly chosen for the particular recipient.

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