Unique Christmas Gifts

Written by Serena Berger
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Buying unique Christmas gifts is often portrayed by the media (and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies) as one of the most challenging tasks of all time. You're at least supposed to believe it's like an epic quest on the order of Lord of the Rings--and we're talking the books, plus The Hobbit and the Silmarillion, not just the movies. Clearly, the world could implode if you fail to bring home Tickle Me Elmo or the singing topiary reindeer that your child wants; but for the most part, Christmas shopping ought to be fun, and when done well, the body count should be kept to a minimum.

A lot of people, especially children, like to get a number of unique Christmas gifts to unwrap. There's just something about seeing a pile of presents under the tree with sparkling paper and ribbons and bows that makes Christmas particularly exciting. The anticipation is such a big part of the enjoyment of getting present that unless you're getting your child one really big present that you know he or she will really love, it's nice to get a lot of small or medium sized presents to build excitement.

Create a Themed Holiday with Unique Christmas Gifts

If you adopt that philosophy of gift giving, you can find all kinds of thoughtful, fun gifts that aren't too expensive. You might even think of giving Christmas a theme for a loved one. If your boyfriend or husband is a baseball fan, you could get him some baseball cards, maybe a jersey to wear on weekends, a couple of tickets to his favorite team's games, some snacks to enjoy when he's watching the games at home, and then check online for a memorabilia that might be up for auction. If your daughter really loves a particular color, like green or purple, you could get her a purple picture frame, a journal with a lilac cover, an amethyst pendant, a lavender sweater, and so on.

If you're a little bit worried about money, remember that unique Christmas gifts can be practical or functional, not just frivolous or entertaining. If you had to get new bedroom furnishings, for example, why not wait for Christmas and then buy slightly nicer ones as a gift instead of plain, utilitarian ones in October or November. You have to have a lamp in your room, but a beautiful lamp or a fun light fixture can make a great present. If you accept and embrace Christmas as a commercial holiday at least as much as a religious one, you can have a lot of fun with it, make a lot of memories, and still have some savings left come January.

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