Unique Gifts

Written by Linda Alexander
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Opting for a thoughtful gift for your next occasion will be far more memorable than purchasing something because it's popular or pricey. In fact, your gift does not have to be expensive at all to be memorable. Finding something truly unique isn't easy, but with a little time and thought you'll find something perfect for your recipient.

Then again, you don't want to purchase something that is so unique that it's unheard of. Keep the recipient's hobbies and interests in mind when shopping. Chances are, you know this person better than you think you do. You could even craft your own gift if you are talented in that area, or have somebody else make a gift by hand. Gifts like these are the ones we all treasure.

A heartfelt gift of the right words can say it all without being elaborate. A message in a bottle, printed in an elegant font on parchment-type paper, makes a classic and lasting gift. Express your own words or choose from different verses. The message will be rolled into a scroll and placed in the bottle, making a graceful presentation.

Make Every Day an Occasion

To have the gift stand out even more, present it to your recipient on a non-occasion. No, don't miss her birthday or that important holiday! Just give the gift on an ordinary day and turn it into something special.

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