Unique Gifts

Written by Amy Hall
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Taking the time to come up with some unique gifts can really put a smile on your recipient's face. After all, a gift is a token of your love and appreciation for someone, regardless of the occasion. When you put some thought into your gift giving, you can oftentimes come up with some fabulous ideas that stray from the norm. To begin, take into consideration the personality of the person you are shopping for, as this can help you determine which direction to go with your gift selection.

For instance, if you are shopping for your best friend on her thirtieth birthday, and you want to come up with something extra special, think about her hobbies and interests. Does she love to cook? If so, you could buy a nice cooking pot, and fill it with goodies, such as a cookbook, fancy dishtowels, seeds for growing cooking herbs, dish soap, and perhaps a candle or two. Unique gifts like this demonstrate your ingenuity and your willingness to think outside of the box. Best of all, your best friend will surely appreciate your efforts in coming up with a gift that she can actually enjoy.

Coming up with unique gift ideas is actually half the fun, because it challenges your imagination in every way. Sure, you could always run to the Gap and get your friend or sister a gift certificate, but this is not a gift solution that is going to get rave reviews. The key to successful gift giving is to imagine what will cause your recipient to squeal with delight when they rip off the wrapping paper to reveal your gift. What will make this person smile from ear to ear? Hmmm . . . let's think on that one for a minute.

Unique Gifts for That Special Someone

Gift giving is truly an art, and there are no hard and fast rules that you must follow. Let's look at some examples of great gift ideas that are sure to please. As an example, take a special national day of celebration, Mother's Day, and come up with some clever gift solutions. First, think about what your mom loves, her hobbies, her passions, and basically the things that make her tick. Does she love to travel? Does she always have her nose in a book? Well, you could get her an extraordinary gift that won't set you back for the price of a plane ticket.

In this case, how about buying Mom a carry-on duffle bag, and filling it with products that have to do with traveling? You could purchase some great guidebooks to places of interest to her, such as Italy, Australia, or exotic islands like Turks and Caicos. Perhaps you could throw in some language tapes that she could use in the car while driving to work. Don't forget to throw in some great travel gadgets, such as a neck pillow for the airplane, a good travel memoir, and perhaps even a leather bound journal to record memories from the places she will visit in the future. This is a fantastic gift that your travel-hungry mom will love.

If you have a pal that loves to write, you could purchase some beautiful stationery with a fancy ballpoint pen. Do you have a relative that cannot spend enough time on the golf course? Well, in this case, you could fill a basket with golf balls, a nice golf shirt, a visor, and perhaps even putting gloves or a gift certificate for a round of golf at a nearby country club. The point is, unique gift ideas are only as far away as your imagination, so why not take the time to come up with something special?

Unique Gifts Online

If you are short on time, you can still get that special someone a unique gift that will be long remembered. There are many outstanding online stores that sell everything from candles to stationery to kitchen gadgets. The best part about shopping online is that it is convenient and you can often get gift cards and wrap for your present as well. Many online stores sell their wares at lower prices than you would find in retail stores, so you just may be able to get more for your money.

The next time an occasion presents itself for you to pick out a gift for someone you care about, take the opportunity to shine. There is really no need to panic, because the perfect gift idea is already in your head, you just need to think for a moment. The end result will be a happy gift recipient who feels extra special thanks to your kind gesture.

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