Unique Gifts For Women

Written by Serena Berger
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Finding unique gifts for women can be a bit of a challenge. It's well worth it, however, when you see the face of a woman you love light up when she opens something that was obviously chosen with care and awareness of her particular taste or needs. All you need to know is something that the recipient of the gift really likes, and you can do some creative searching to find something unexpected that she'll treasure.

Unique gifts for women can encompass some of the standards, like jewelry, but with a special or personal twist. For example, if you know that a woman's favorite color is purple, you can find her unique amethyst jewelry that will suit her style and personality. Amethysts can be used to make tiny purple flowers set in delicate white gold, or you can find large pieces of amethyst set in chunky silver rings or dramatic pendants.

More Unique Gifts for Women

Other accessories besides jewelry can also make great unique gifts for women. Often when it comes to purses or shoulder bags, women will buy themselves rather expensive and very practical bags in black or brown. That's what will go with most outfits and basic coats, and it will be suitable for work as well as going out with friends. But if you want to get a friend something she can enjoy on special occasions, weekend shopping excursions, or nights on the town, a fun, funky bag in a bright color or decorated with beads or embroidery can be a gift she'll be glad to get.

Bath and body supplies are a common gift to give when you're not sure what else to get, but when chosen carefully, they can be a real treat. Perhaps a woman you're close to would secretly enjoy having a regression night--soaking in a bubble bath with a fun, fruity scent, painting her nails colors that you're not supposed to wear if you work at a Fortune 500 company, and putting up her hair with pretty ribbons or butterfly clips while she watches a movie and eats ice cream from the carton. Of course, if she's all about sophistication and elegance, you could get her lavender scented sea salts, massage oils, or a pedicure kit with a good foot scrub. Sharing the gift with her can be the thing that makes it particularly unique and memorable.

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