Unique Holiday Gifts

Written by Linda Alexander
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Holidays mark special occasions in our lives, whether they are religious or secular. They are times we see loved ones that we might not get to see otherwise. Everybody is in a good mood and shares delicious food and funny stories. It's no wonder that gift giving is such a popular ritual. It just fits with the very idea of a holiday.

You have probably received a disappointing gift in the past. It could have been yet another pair of socks or gloves at Christmas, or a cheesy candle for your birthday. Jewelry is a nice gift, but sometimes it seems like not a whole lot of thought goes into choosing it. If you don't want to be the person giving disappointing gifts, you'll have to get a little bit more creative.

How to Choose a Holiday Gift

Start by assessing the recipient's personality, likes and dislikes. Does he or she have a special interest or a hobby that he or she is passionate about? Perhaps you just want to say something to your loved ones that lets them know how wonderful they are. When you're at a loss for words, be thankful there are writers!

You can create a message in a bottle with pre-written messages. You simply choose the one that's appropriate for the holiday or occasion you want to celebrate and have it printed up. It will be packaged in an elegant, decorative glass bottle of your choice and presented in special packaging. It's an Old World tradition combined with New World people and occasions, and it's sure to make a hit at your next holiday gathering.

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