Unique Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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Unique jewelry is often much more than something pretty to wear. Many people use jewelry as a way to extend their spiritual lives. Perhaps they use it as a source of protection or enchantment; they may also use it to draw powerful forces of good into their lives.

Unique Jewelry with Crystals and Semi-Precious Stones

Crystals have always been thought to possess powerful properties for healing, protection, and even magic. If you believe in crystal healing, there are gorgeous options in contemporary unique jewelry that can keep you surrounded by the positive energy that you need. You can find smaller crystals and semi-precious stones which have been smoothed, shaped, and set in delicate settings, but you can also find incredibly stunning unique jewelry that features dramatic uncut chunks of crystal. For many people, those pieces seem to be the most powerfully connected to the natural forces they associate with those crystals.

For example, amethysts are thought to bolster creativity, courage, intuition, and self esteem. Diamonds are thought to draw toxicity from the body and balance the mind. Emeralds are believed to help with relaxation, especially for people who suffer depression or anxiety. Garnet is said to make people feel more energetic and positive, and sapphires are thought to improve expression, and enhance psychic abilities.

Whether or not you believe in these powers of crystals, you may find that you feel good when you wear these stones. When you think about it, standards of beauty change radically over time, and yet for thousands of years, people have found these stones beautiful, and have placed great value on some of them. Their appeal seems to go beyond a simple correlation to their rarity, and the unique pieces of jewelry that are fashioned with these stones can be seen simply as beautiful and decorative ... but it seems unwise to rule out the possibility, at least, that they may be more.

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