Unique Valentine's Day Gift

Written by Carolyn Larson
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No matter what the occasion, whether it's Valentine's Day or an ordinary day of the week, taking the time to brainstorm unique gifts really makes people special. Gifts show how much you appreciate other people and make them smile. Locating that perfect gift might take a little bit of time, but it will be worth it when you see your sweetie's face light up.

To find a gift that goes beyond the usual teddy bear and flowers, really think hard about the recipient's personality. While one-size-fits-all gifts like roses and stuffed animals usually make people happy, it doesn't show thoughtfulness. Pay attention to details while you talk to the person in everyday conversation. Pick up on the little things that are said "between the lines." You'll soon figure out which direction to go in.

Get a Clue!

Often, loved ones pester us for certain gifts they have in mind. If this doesn't happen in your family, chances are your sweetie still has a gift in mind. See if you can get him or her to tell you what it is or at least give you a hint. Pick up on subtle clues at dinner or during times when he or she is not on guard. Does she like to cook? You could get a cookbook and some special spices or plates to decorate the table with. Does he like sports? A set of season tickets would definitely do the trick.

You can make your own gift basket filled with things relating to the person's interests. For example, fill up a few makeup bags with favorite beauty products and a spa gift certificate. Fill a basket with classic literature, bookmarks, and coffee or tea for somebody who likes to read. If you'd like to keep it simple, nothing celebrates Valentine's Day better than expressing your love. Go beyond the disposable greeting card with a message in a bottle. The point is, no matter what you choose, let it match the person to whom you are giving it. That way, he or she will be delighted upon opening the package.

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