Unique Wedding Gifts

Written by Linda Alexander
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So you're attending a wedding this year. If you think the couple will already have enough crystal bowls, picture frames, and coffeepots to last a lifetime, think outside of traditional wedding gifts and go for something more personal. Whether you make it yourself or buy something extravagant doesn't matter, as long as it suits the couple's personalities.

I've seen unique gifts that span the gamut from classic and elegant to outrageously bizarre. People purchase things that are outright tacky, completely impractical, and have no connection whatsoever to the bride's and groom's interest. That's what not to do.

Personalize with Names, Signatures, Photos, and Sentiments

To make a lasting impression, make your gift as personal as you can. Really tell them how happy you are for them and how glad you are to be celebrating their special day with them. You can do this with personalized cartoons ready for framing or a custom-written poem just for the lucky couple. You don't have to do the writing--and it will come boxed or printed on a scroll, already framed. There are also photo quilts so the couple can start their lives together with memories of their courtship.

Another personal and unique gift is a signature mat and frame kit that all of the wedding attendees can sign. The couple will then place their wedding picture in a frame filled with signatures. A ceramic "anniversary plate" follows the same idea. Finally, there are companies that put together customized messages in a bottle. These are both heartfelt and decorative.

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