Unique Wedding Gifts

Written by Serena Berger
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Many people want to get unique wedding gifts for their friends or for a family member who is getting married. While this idea comes from the best of intentions--wanting to do something truly special for someone who means a lot to you--it can be met with mixed reactions. Some couples who are setting up a house together for the first time really want everything in their registry and nothing but, so even something you think is beautiful or special might not make them very happy.

If you are buying a wedding gift for a friend or a couple who are a little more laid back and who will enjoy anything that you pick out for them, however, there are any number of great options and places to look for unique wedding gifts. If you know some of the furniture that they already had and are planning to keep in the new house, you can get them accessories to go with it. Often these are the last things that couple will buy for themselves, but a couple of beautiful pillows, a blanket, or even something small like decorative curtain ties can be the finishing touches that make a room spectacular.

Similarly, picture frames can be surprisingly expensive, so people tend to get themselves the simplest possible frames. But when two people have just gotten married, chances are they'll have a lot of pictures that they would love to have framed. Unique and beautiful frames make great wedding gifts, and can certainly be incorporated somewhere in the couple's new home.

Registering for Unique Wedding Gifts

Of course, if you are the couple getting married and you're thinking of setting up a registry, there are a number of websites of stores that you could use that are slightly out of the ordinary. You can even split your registry between a couple of different places so that if there are more unique wedding gifts that you want, you aren't bound by the catalogue at a major department store or bed and bath chain. This has the added bonus of giving all the people invited to your wedding the chance to find something to give you that they like, and that fits their price range, too.

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