Unique Wedding Gifts

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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It's amazing how many weddings the average person attends in a lifetime. What's even more amazing is how many times that person is looking for a gift that is more interesting than linens, kitchen items, and crystal. That said, today's shoppers have more options than ever before because the Internet has opened up a whole world of exciting and unique gifts that are suitable for wedding presents.

Gifts to Use

Consider a wonderful Wedding Bells afghan throw for under $40 made to keep the couple warm and toasty when it's cold outside. For that first year, how about a Mr. and Mrs. pillowcase set to remind them every day of their new relationship? A pair of Galway Irish Crystal Champagne Flutes will do nicely for those romantic evenings at home and will become a special treasure that only the two of them share.

Can't decide on a single gift? You can either purchase or make a wedding gift basket containing items that reflect a theme or items that will take the couple to romantic places. Fill the basket with movie or theater tickets along with gift certificates for candy and popcorn. Add in a couple of dinners at local restaurants, and your present will go a long way to keeping the romance alive during those first few months. If the couple has a special shared interest, such as having graduated from the same college, you might fill your basket with college paraphernalia and tickets to a sporting event. If they are redecorating a new home, paint brushes, masking tape, and a color wheel might be very welcome. Again, add a gift certificate to a romantic restaurant and your basket will be a hit.

Gifts to Cherish

Give the couple a framed four-leaf clover symbolizing wealth, fame, a faithful lover, and good health. You can also find a lovely journal called "Story of a Lifetime." This very unique gift is intended not only for the couple but for generations to come as the couple fills it with wonderful memories. Finally, there is romance and exquisite beauty in oil candles. These are crystal sculptures in the shape of lamps, diamonds, and even flowers that shed beautiful, gentle light in a room. Remember that there are hundreds of websites selling thousands of unique wedding gifts. You are sure to find just the right gift for any couple.

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