Unique Wedding Rings

Written by Serena Berger
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Unique wedding rings are a great way to express your love and commitment. Many people choose simple and traditional bands because they want them to be versatile and understated. Men don't necessarily want a flashy ring, and some women who wear different jewelry every day want a wedding ring that will look good with whatever they choose to wear. It's understandable that you might want to take practical concerns into consideration, but if you want to get a more unique wedding ring, you should realize that no one is likely to be judging whether it matches a bracelet of a different color or another ring that you really love. People will just notice that you and your partner chose something special as a symbol of your marriage.

If you look to different cultural traditions, there are a number of designs for wedding rings that might appeal to you. A Claddagh is a beautiful Celtic design which stands for love, friendship, and loyalty. An endless Celtic knot motif can be beautiful to look at as well an invoke the idea of a love without limits or ending.

Unique Contemporary Wedding Rings

Some of the most stunning unique designs are thoroughly modern. Within the last few years, grape leaves and grapevines have become a popular motif, and you can find some truly exquisite designs which feature them. Grapevines are thought to symbolize abundant life, but they can easily be fashioned into a design with no obvious ending or beginning, much like other endless knots that appear in Celtic and Middle Eastern lore.

Many unique rings combine different precious metals for an attractive and eye-catching contrast. Platinum and rose gold, for example, are not often paired, but can be stunning when they are. Some jewelers experiment with the subtle pairing of platinum and white gold, and others will pair yellow and white gold, the colors of which can vary significantly enough that you should explore several different collections before you settle on something that you think is just right.

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